Appalachian Trail Data Book (2018)

Appalachian Trail Data Book (2018)

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Author: Daniel D. Chazin


Color: Black

Edition: 40th Revised ed.


  • Ap Trail Conservancy At Data Book 2018 - 101894

ISBN: 1944958037

Number Of Pages: 96

Publisher: Appalachian Trail Conservancy


For 2018, the length of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia (or vice versa) is 2,190.9 miles--that's what this small book documents.

Sometimes termed "the bible of A.T. hiking" because of its use in essential hike planning, each year's Data Book consolidates the most basic information from 11 detailed official guidebooks into a lightweight table of distances between major Appalachian Trail shelters, road-crossings, and features. It is divided according to the guidebook volumes and updated each December to account for Trail relocations, new (or removed) shelters, and other changes. In addition to codes for lodging, food, water, and other essentials, the Data Book is keyed to both the individual guidebook sections and to the separate maps.

Day-hikers and long-distance hikers alike rely on this volume for armchair planning and prehike shopping for maps and guides, as well as on-the-trail orientation.

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